Design Services

Custom Design

What We Offer :

Our customers have a product idea, but may not have the available resources in-house to accomplish their goals in a timely fashion. We bring years of experience and practice in hardware and software design to your doorstep. Bringing your projects to market faster!

Custom Design

Custom Hardware design, schematic entry, PCB layout/fabrication

System Integration

System Integration (Using off-the-shelf hardware)

Developing any Embedded Application

Firmware and device driver development

Application Software Design

Software that suits your specific needs custom-built to your company's unique specifications.

Algorithm Development for 'proof-of-concept'

DSP Tools specializes in custom DSP software development for a variety of technologies

Software 'hooks' for hardware to customer applications

Using all available techniques to get the difficult job done

Bus Interface Drivers

Using well defined methods of driver to driver communication.

Signal Processing/Conditioning

Improving the accuracy and reliability of digital communication

Rapid Prototyping

Application specific ICs based on reusable hardware components such as FPGAs and microcontrollers

Real-Time Embedded development

Focusing on unique aspects of embedded programming

Xilinx FPGA solutions

DSP-optimized using the full XtremeDSP™ DSP platform portfolio

Up-to-date development tools and experience!

Skills and experience to execute development work on DSP platforms