Wire Snare Scanner

"December 2005 to November 2010 - Snaring mortality increased overall elephant poaching offtake by 32%. Approximately 11.5% of the adult and subadult lion population and 20% of the adult (>4 years) males were snared," (Becker et al., 2010, Biological Conservation)

DSP Tools was able to develop and propose a device that will help African rangers locate wire snares quickly and efficiently using Impulse Radar techniques. The low-power device sends short radio pulses and monitors for target reflections for identification. A ranger is alerted to nearby snares with audio and visual indicators to help expedite the searches. Learn more about this project as well as other possibilities and applications for such devices by clicking the button to the right.

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A devise that will facilitate African rangers to locate and remove animal traps efficiently.

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I am David Jervis, the lead engineer on this project. I recently learned about the wire snares used by poachers to slaughter hundreds of wild animals each day in Africa. I was moved by the circumstances in Africa, and I considered Impulse Radar technology as a possible solution that can help the rangers locate the snares much more efficiently. I have decided to fund and spend some of my time to implement a prototype Wire Snare Detector. I believe this project will have the potential to make a difference in containing snares in Africa, and help with further funding would expedite the completion of the final device. As it stands, the project is in need of further funding for the next phase.

Click on the link below to review details of the project. Please contact me if you are interested in sponsoring the project or would like more information about the Wire Snare Detector.

Wire Snare Project

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